2014 East Coast Oracle Users Conference (ECO)
November 4 &5
Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center
Raleigh/Durham, NC

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Keynote Presentations

Creative Problem Solving (for Oracle Professionals)
Kerry Osborne, Enkitec

This presentation is about problem solving; how we think about problems and how we resolve them, specifically problems involving complex computer systems. I've worked closely with extremely intelligent people; however there seems to be little correlation between raw intelligence and the ability to quickly solve difficult problems. I've worked with lots of dedicated, hard working people as well, but this characteristic also does not always foretell success. Neither does having a stellar technical background with loads of experience. So why is it that some people seem to be gifted with seemingly super-natural problem solving skills? I have spent my career solving computer problems and working with relatively large numbers of people who do the same. While I don't have all of the answers, I do have some ideas that may be helpful for making you a better problem solver and a better judge of how others will perform when faced with difficult problems.

Simple Is the New Cool
Floyd Teter, Sr. Practice Director, Sierra-Cedar

We're seeing a rapidly-evolving change in the expectations of our customers, partners, and users: "Tell me what I need to do, show me how I do it, and make it easy."  Whether it is mobile application development, system architecture, business process management, or user experience design, in an age of ‘Bring Your Own Data’ and ‘Corporate Owned-Privately Enabled’ tech, acceptance requires simplicity.  And acceptance is the key to higher productivity and reliable information. Join Oracle ACE Director and User Experience Advocate Floyd Teter as he shares some strategies and tactics for gaining wider user acceptance through simplicity...strategies and tactics you can apply to your enterprise today.

Pre-Conference Workshops
Monday, November 3
Pre-registration required

Oracle Performance Tuning
Carlos Sierra, Enkitec & Mauro Pagano, Oracle Corporation
Most Oracle DBAs know how to do performance tuning on an entire database and on any given SQL, right? The truth is that most of us feel comfortable doing some of it, but not all of it. This workshop uses a top-down approach, starting with "how to analyze an AWR report", and moving into more specific concerns, in particular "how to analyze a SQL performing poorly”. We will review cases, discuss the use of available tools, and consider best practices. Since plan stability is so important for many Oracle sites, we also include simple techniques to "lock" an execution plan, and how to move a plan from one system to another. We will share AWR reports to analyze and discuss, followed by few SQLTXPLAIN and SQLHC reports.  Any DBA from beginner to advanced, who wants to fill in some gaps about performance tuning on an Oracle Database, will benefit from this workshop. 

RAC Attack Isn’t Just about RAC     
Erik Benner, Mythics

During the workshop you will learn how to set up one of the most complex infrastructures on your laptop; how to configure and clone virtual machines, how to create and set up internal and external virtual networks, create different storage types, and set up a local DNS server.  Experienced RAC Attack volunteers (ninjas) will help you address any related issues and guide you through the setup process.

About ECO

For the last four years, several regional user groups including the Virginia Oracle Users Group, the Eastern States Oracle Applications Users Group, the Hampton Roads Oracle Users Group, and the Southeastern Oracle Users Group have joined together to co-host the East Coast Oracle Users Conference (ECO).  This regional collaboration targets both technical and functional Oracle users, making it one of the largest and most economical Oracle user conferences on the East Coast, with 300 attendees, including Managers, Directors, DBAs, Developers, Application Users, and System Analysts.

Raleigh/Durham, NC is a major biotechnology hub in the country, is easily accessible via RDU airport which services 350 daily flights including Southwest Airlines, and is a 6 hour or less drive from most major east coast cities.



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